Help Texas

by on August 31, 2017
Hurricane Harvey has paved a treacherous path through the heart of our beautiful country leaving families and pets stranded, helpless, homeless and without any of their belongings.  Brave rescue workers, both volunteers and through the Firefighters, Police, Army and National Guard have been doing all they can to physically help.

As Proud Americans, we need to help.  Let us all reach out to the many legitimate organizations who can help to provide shelter, clothing and food.  These organizations need our help, they need funding to provide medical provisions for those who are sick, injured, helpless…..the babies, the stranded pets who cannot help themselves.

Please stand with the citizens of Texas, the elderly, the babies, the homeless, the pets.  We are all one.  Let us help others as we would hope others would help us in crisis.

Arnot Gallery stands with Texas.

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