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Impressions of Reality

by on May 1, 2017

April showers bring May flowers, and at Arnot Gallery there is an abundance of beautiful Spring flowers to select from.  In addition, with Mother’s Day ‘around the corner’, why not give Mom the bouquet of flowers that will never wilt or need watering?  With a bouquet of flowers from Arnot Gallery, saying ‘I love you’ will last forever.
Exhibition opening May 2nd: ‘Impressions of Reality’.  Please come to visit and let us show you these and many other artists that will capture your hearts and souls.  There is nothing more emotional than beautiful and meaningful paintings in your homes and work places for inspiration and inner peace.

Impressions of Reality: Impressionism.

Included in this new exhibition will be beautiful floral bouquets by deceased Colorist, Expressionist and Impressionist,  MALVA.  Many of you already know this fact, when MALVA created his beautiful and emotional floral bouquets, he first went out into the field or his gardens, picked the flowers and threw them haphazardly into one of his favorite crystal or Murano vases.

The flowers took on a life of their own. It was usually the case that MALVA would spend the day creating his painting in the garden or field, whether it was in Tuscany or Provence. He would then come back to his studio or garden, full with emotion, ready to create a floral bouquet, bringing the freshly plucked flowers with him to a new painting charged with emotions from his day in the garden fields of wild flowers.  The plucked flowers emoting life captured eternally on canvas.

We miss this beautiful and gifted man and artist.  MALVA was an inspiration to many artists that followed him, and learned from him.  There was no other artist that could capture the intensity or complete serenity of his expressionist paintings as each painting flowed straight from his heart and soul through his arm, hand and finally his paint brushes landing on the canvas. Creating a breathtaking masterpiece of color, expressionism and impressionism.  Each painting by MALVA, a unique creation to itself, marked only by the ‘handwriting’ of this master and his raw emotions captured onto blank canvas and bringing each painting to life.

Impressions of Reality: Reality

Within this new exhibition the other end of the spectrum of this opening exhibition, master hyper-realist, living artist Luigi Rocca.  With two new paintings to arrive in time to be part of the multi-artist exhibition, master Luigi Rocca ‘captures’ a moment in time within his retro areas, where time stands still or with his aerial views that have you flying above the skylines with a birds eye view in front and below capturing the movement of the skyline.  The view feels as though soaring like an eagle above, carefree and yet mindful of the movement below and above, capturing a detailed moment in time.

Arnot Gallery invites you to experience the movements within the Impressions of Reality as represented by these two great artists, as well as these artists listed below:
MALVA, bouquets and fields

Luigi Rocca, from aerial views to time stamped moments along Americana’s Route 66

Edouard Leon Cortes, ‘le Poete Parisien de la Peinture’ or the Parisian Poet of Painting because of his beautiful and diverse Paris cityscapes in a variety of weather and night settings.

Guy Dessapt, a modern day depiction of  Paris,  Southern France, Italy, Corsica, New York City’s Cityscapes and Central Park views in all four glorious seasons. Textured Impressions.

Wm. Herczeg, Hungarian architect, painter whose unique use of gold leaf within his detailed and realistic portrayals of Paris architecture.

Dietz EdzardSuzanne EisendieckAndre QuellierSilvia ReisingerS.K. Gordon Wang
Alfred Chagniot and many more!

Just a few of the beautiful grouping of artists’ paintings waiting to be viewed during this exhibition.  All purchases made for Mother’s Day will be accompanied with a special gift from Arnot Gallery!  Contact Vicki Arnot for details……………..



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