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Reality Bites~ Luigi Rocca Personal Exhibition

by on October 15, 2014

Grand Opening Reception for Luigi ROCCA at ARNOT GALLERY
Exhibition through February 2015

Luigi Rocca One Man Exhibition ‘Reality Bites’  at Arnot Gallery. All available paintings in this exhibition may be viewed on this website by clicking on this link: Luigi Rocca Paintings.  Giclees by Luigi Rocca ware not be on display during this exhibition but are available for viewing at Arnot Gallery at all times.  All giclee subjects may be viewed on this website with this link:  Luigi Rocca Giclee.  Please contact Vicki Arnot at Arnot Gallery with inquiries and prices.  Private viewing may be arranged with Vicki Arnot in advance of the opening of the exhibition.  Contact Vicki Arnot at Arnot Gallery for further details.

LUIGI ROCCA AT ARNOT GALLERY, by Sarah Seamark of AWN magazine [press release October 2014]

Arnot Gallery is introducing an entirely new body of work by Italian artist Luigi Rocca at its major New York exhibition entitled “Reality Bites,” opening on November 6. The artist himself will be available to talk to collectors and trade attendees who are present. “The addition of paintings focused on food to Luigi’s repertoire is exciting and fun,” says Vicki Arnot, co-owner with her husband Peter of the 57th Street gallery.

The series began with paintings of candy and gum-ball machine dispensers that received a great reaction. While on a four-week working trip in Europe this summer, Mrs. Arnot sold five of his paintings that feature food and condiments that you would find on a diner counter—in other words, this new subject matter is really an extension of the hyperrealist painter’s series of American icons, including diners from an earlier time. “When that happened (the sales of his food-related paintings) I told him he needed to do more of them,” Mrs. Arnot recalls. The title of the exhibition “Reality Bites” is, of course, a play on words. Rocca is known for creating paintings that are so realistic viewers have been known to think they are photographs. Hence the word “Reality,” and “Bites” refers to the food.

However, although these new paintings represent an important aspect of the show, the exhibition will represent a wide range of Rocca’s subject matter, including a painting titled “Intrepid” featuring the historic aircraft carrier, and another called “Marines,” of one of the jet fighters parked on the Intrepid’s deck. He painted these because he has been so moved by the current talk of terrorism and war, notes Mrs. Arnot. As an artist, he is also a social commentator—hence, a second play on the title of the exhibition, “Reality Bites.”

The exhibit will also feature paintings from Rocca’s personal collection that he is now making available for sale at Arnot Gallery, as well as a line of 18 limited edition giclée prints produced by the artist. Visit:  or call (212) 245-8287.

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