Peter Arnot ~ Passed away on February 22nd, 2021 ~
4th Generation Arnot Gallery ~ Loved by all
                               Peter will be forever in our hearts.                                                                                           

Welcome to the Arnot Gallery Online Gallery.  Arnot Gallery specializes in Certifications of paintings by artists with whom the gallery represented over the years, including but not limited to Edouard Cortes, Antoine Blanchard (Marcel Masson 1910-1988 France), Pal Fried (Fried Pal), Luigi Rocca and all artists that you find on our Online Gallery Artist Page. If you do not see the artist name, please inquire.  Arnot Gallery has Gallery Archives for all paintings that have passed through our New York Gallery since 1946.  Why receive a Certificate of Authenticity from another source when Arnot Gallery is the Source!   We can advise you of the Provenance of all paintings that passed through our New York Gallery since 1946 and certify the paintings’ Authenticity.  There is no ‘guess work’ involved.  Our Gallery Archives remove any doubt of the accurate and authentic provenance so that you can have complete confidence in the Certificate provided to you. Whereas other sources may self-proclaim themselves to be experts, even if they never represented the artist during the artists’ lives, we have the history as artists’ representatives, to be the source for all paintings that have been registered through our Gallery Archives. There is no ‘guess work’ or ‘educated opinion’, just hard facts.

Arnot Gallery also provides Art Consultation and other Art Related Services.  Arnot Galleries, since 1863. When you think of painting provenance, think of Arnot Gallery. Now in our fourth generation assisting with all art service needs.

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Gallery Telephone: +1-212-245-8287       Gallery Email: arnotart@aol.com