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Amletto Colucci

by on February 22, 2013

Amleto Colucci was born in Italy in 1953.

Amleto Colucci was born in Italy in 1953, where he still lives and paints.  Colucci came from a lineage of artists, including his father.  Although he attended Art School in his local area in Italy, it was the influence of studying under his father and his father’s friends in their studios that defined Colucci’s talent. Colucci specializes in capturing the beachside villages throughout the Southern Italian coastline.  The jewel colors so much reflect the color tones of these local villages and bring them to life in his paintings.

1967 1st exhibition in Italy
1969 Florence
1969 Austria
1973 Silver Award, Marseilles, France
Permanent Exhibition Arnot Gallery, New York

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