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An He, the early years

by on February 18, 2015

An He, the early years born in Canton (Guangzhou) China in 1957.

An was first taught by his father, learned well, and was rewarded by his first one-man exhibit at the age of 14 in an Annual Provincial Art Contest.  That same year An won his first national award from a National Youth Art Exhibition and The Annual Provincial Exhibits. While attending the academy, An was invited to join the All China Artist Association, a top national organization only for professional artists. At the age of 24, he was the youngest member ever to be chosen.
An studied at the Fine Arts College of Canton, one of the top art academies in China, and graduated in 1981.  While still a student, he was invited to join the All-China Artist Association.  At 24, he was the youngest member ever to be chosen.
An has won several National Art Excellence awards in China.  Three of his works have been purchased by the Chinese government for the permanent collections on display in the National Fine Arts Museum in Beijing.
Arnot Gallery has represented An He since 1986.
Early in his career, An He also painted under the pseudonym Hans Amis.

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