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Andrei Gulyi

by on June 28, 2017

Andrei Gulyi was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1964.

Andrei Gulyi was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1964.  Although Gulyi is part of a family of scientists, the first lessons in painting were received when Andrei was only a child, from his uncle who was also an artist.  In 1980 Gulyi was able to study in the studio of the famous Kiev artist, Valeri Chuikov, who was an eminent landscape painter and honored artist of the Ukraine Evgeniy Chuikov.  Andrei then continued his studies at the Lvov Poligraphic Institute and Odessa Art and Graphic Institute, from which he graduated in 1990 and obtained his qualifications to teach.  Andrei Gulyi  has been a part of International Exhibitions since 1986.  He exhibited in Munich in 1990, and in London in 1991. Gulyi is best know for his colorful tapestry style still life. Gulyi incorporates the basic features of the Russian school of painting:  bright, vivid colors, precise composition scheme, and fluent brush technique. Andrei Gulyi follows in the tradition of the Russian impressionist art created by famous Russian artists Konstantin Korovin (1861 – 1939), Isaac Levitan (1860 – 1909), and Stanislav Zhukovskyi (1869 – 1944).  In Gulyi’s still life paintings one can see unity of the best achievements of the Russian impressionistic style with features of the Modern style.

“Paintings must be optimistic and bring happiness to people”,  Andrei Gulyi.

Paintings by Andrei Gulyi have been represented in the United States by Arnot Gallery in New York since the mid- 1990’s.

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