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Antonio Estradera

by on March 27, 2015

Antonio Estradera deceased Spanish Artist (Aragon 1909 – Barcelona 1992).

Circa 1963 – 1965

Antonio Estradera  was born in Pomar de Cinca, Aragon Spain in 1909. He died in Barcelona, Spain in 1992.

A self-taught artist, Antonio Estradera resided in Barcelona, Spain where he became well known as an artist in 1945. Estradera’s first post-impressionist works soon evolved towards colorful, expressionistic paintings as seen in our gallery collection. He was a founding member and signatory of the Black Manifesto in 1949.

November 1949: Creation of Group Lais at the Real Círculo Artístico in Barcelona. Formed by: Ramont Rogent, José Hurtuna, Manuel Capdevilla, Santi Surós, Enric Planasdura, María Jesús de Solá, Antonio Estradera, Manel Surroca and sculptor Francesc Xavier Modolell. They signed the First Black Manifesto, a revulsive text against official art, dogmatism. This group organized several collective exhibitions in Bilbao, LLeida and Barcelona.

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