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Christian Nesvadba

by on January 22, 2013

Christian Nesvadba, deceased Austrian Expressionist and Abstraction Artist (1977 – 2008).
ARNOT Gallery exclusive representatives.


Christian Nesvadba Biography

(1977 – 2008)

Christian Nesvadba was born in 1977, the son of artist, Gerhard Nesvadba. Christian passed away tragically on October 7th, 2008.

Christian was born into a family with an artistic heritage for several generations.

Visiting the regular school system, Christian’s talent for drawing was soon recognized by his teachers and he changed to a school specializing in drawing and engineering. This school turned out to be too technical for Christian, and he de decided to devote himself to a more artistic career in painting.

Christian’s first and foremost tutor and mentor was his father, Gerhard, who is a well known and highly successful artist. Christian’s first paintings were done on his father’s easel. While painting there christian could learn a great deal from his father. It was not long before he developed his own sense of color and style, bold, fresh and vibrant; a new style of painting for a young artist with new ideas of his own.

Christian’s first love was his expressionistic abstractions in which he poured his heart and soul into each individual painting. It was later that christian began to paint his more traditional floral arrangements, which then also carried over into his expressionistic abstract formats as the two worlds seemed to get closer and closer as he matured as an artist.

Christian Nesvadba loved to paint flowers. He traveled extensively and was an ardent photographer, always collecting new ideas for his painting subjects and compositions. His view of flowers was a very personal one. It was not so much the exact botanical form, it was the color, sometimes the explosion of colors that he expressed in his paintings.

His career began in 1997 when he was awarded with the ‘kultufonds’ award; a highly prestigious award in austria.

Christian Nesvadba has found his way into the hearts of young and older collectors across the united states and europe. To the present date, Mr. Nesvadba’s paintings were and continued to be represented by Arnot Gallery, New York.

Christian Nesvadba 1977 – 2008, a tragic loss for us all   

The Arnot Family is very sad to advise the art world of the tragic passing of a young and talented artist, whom we have represented in the United States since 2001. Christian Nesvadba passed away tragically at the young age of 32 on Tuesday, October 7th, 2008. Christian leaves behind a beautiful daughter, Joline, and wife, Sigrid. We share this loss with Christian’s father and mother, Gerhard and Hermine Nesvadba.

As Christian (and Gerhard) Nesvadba’s American Representatives, we sold his paintings throughout the United States, where his paintings were held in high regard. Christian had two styles of painting; traditional/contemporary (which were his floral) and his abstracts. Christian actually started his young painting career as an abstract artist, which was always his passion. We had asked him to work on a more traditional subject matter and he came up with his immensely popular contemporary floral. As a matter of fact, his innovative concept of putting Red on Red immediately had a following with other artists who picked up on his original concept. That type of following within the art community is the highest form of flattery from one artist to another.

I, Vicki Arnot, enjoyed a very close relationship with a young man, whom I witnessed growth of both as an artist and a person. From a mere young talent in his early 20’s to a more refined young man whose artistic talents showed great promise for his future. His art spoke out to a more youthful collector who longed for some ‘spice’ in their traditional paintings and also those who had the respect for his outpouring of emotions through his very personal abstract paintings, which we represented in the United States. On a more personal note, we were so pleased to be at the center of Christian’s personal life as well. I personally shared emails about his life with him on an daily basis. When he was going to propose to Sigrid, we talked about it and he brought Sigrid to NYC and up to our showrooms. When his sweet daughter, Joline, was born he emailed photographs immediately and showed his pride and joy is this new addition to his small family. We talked about his life, his hopes, his aspirations and our chit chat emails flew back and forth. We enjoyed sharing in his joys, and then we were saddened to witness this grievous loss to the Nesvadba family, and in a manner of speaking, to our own family…..our family of artists.

It was a very difficult thing to do to advise our closest clients of the loss of this artist, friend, father, son and husband.

The Arnot Family feels the pain of this tragic loss, but we find solace knowing that Christian’s life will always live on in his paintings and through his daughter as well.

Christian Nesvadba signed Declaration

Christian Nesvadba signing Declaration with ARNOT

Christian Nesvadba signing Declaration with ARNOT

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