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Claudio Simonetti

by on January 22, 2013

Claudio Simonetti born in Italy on January 29, 1929. Arnot Gallery, Exclusive American Representatives.

Claudio Simonetti continues to be the Italian ‘Maestro’ of the 21st Century with his masterful paintings capturing the Light and Reflections of the Italian landscape and seascape. From the enchanting canals in Venice to the alluring coastal views of Southern Italy, Claudio Simonetti continues to captivate loyal collectors with his depth and romance expressed in each of his paintings. Simonetti, a true master of reflections and light.

The paintings by Claudio Simonetti are paintings that any collector would be proud to have in their art collections and to appreciate as they relax in front of their paintings to sooth their soul at the end of the day.

Claudio allows you to keep Italy with you all year round! And do not forget about the little jewels that Claudio paints ‘plein~air’ on his small panels on location in all of these beautiful sites he travels to.

“I travel to recapture the beauty that I would otherwise forget, and then I can once again capture a small moment in time in my paintings and keep it in my heart forever”.

If you have not augmented your Simonetti collection with some of his expressionist paintings on panel painted on the location where he saw and felt it, then you are missing out on part of who this artist is as a person.

“To surround my larger paintings with the emotions of my small paintings is to capture both of my worlds and make them one”.

Exclusively represented by Arnot Gallery in the USA.

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