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David Krayem aka K. DAVID

by on February 23, 2015

David Krayem aka K. DAVID, Born in 1948 in Basir.


Krayem was born as the seventh of ten children in Basir.  His father owned a mill, his mother worked at home, treating sheep’s wool (spinning, dyeing, and weaving).  Krayem’s childhood was strongly influenced by his mother’s creative work.  He helped her to dye the wool and in doing so acquired a special relationship to color.  From his elder brother he learnt to prepare canvases and oil paints.


After completing six years of elementary school education, he moved to Soida with his brother, who was attending the teaching academy there.


Krayem passed his school-leaving examination in Derra and enrolled at the University of Beirut.


Journey through Eastern Block countries.  Sojourn in Prague, encounter with Vietnamese students, genesis of the pen-and-ink drawings, the VIETNAM CYCLE.


Study of telecommunications engineering at the College of Telecommunications.  There he lived in the student’s hostel of the Afro-Asian Institute, and worked in the Institute’s printing shop.  He composed short texts and poetry.  A series of figural pen-and-ink drawings, and oil paintings entitled GIRLS’ HEADS.


Trainee at Philips; first sketches on the theme MAMMA EVA.  Attendance at the Academy of Fine Art.


Enrolment at the School of Economics and work experience as electrical engineer.  Exhibitions in several student hostels to help student contact on the international level.  Lectures in cooperation with the organization “North-South Dialogue”.  Member of the editorial staff of the magazine “Treffpunkte”.  Manifesto “The Position of Women in European Civilization”.


Trip to Paris.  Work with printing graphics (etching and lithography), ceramics, and watercolors.  Work in conjunction with the arts section of the Afro-Asian Institute (poster design, program planning).


Journey to Florence, marriage and birth of his first child David.  Start of his work as a freelance artist.  Illustrations of the Bible.


Birth of his second child, Simon.  Move to a studio.  Direction of art cooperative “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kunst”.

Direction of courses in printing graphics and ceramics as well as the Summer School for Portraiture and Life Studies.


Completion of the oil paintings ST. JOHN’S VISION, THE YEARNING OF MAN and WAY TO TRUTH, all in surrealistic style.  Watercolors series of psychoanalytic life studies and structures, entitled TEAPLATES.


Intensive work with the mixing of oil paints and execution of the cycles STRUCTURES AND CHANGES OF STRUCTURE and MOVEMENT AND ORIGIN.


Birth of his third child, Emmanuel.  Watercolors on the theme DIARY OF A TARGET, ORWELL 1984.  Oil paintings and water colors YEAR OF REMEMBRANCE.  1934 – 1984.


Publication of the book “Krayem – Water-colors and Aphorisms”.



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