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Dorothy Yung

by on October 30, 2015

Dorothy Yung was born in Shanghai in 1940. Residing in America.

Dorothy Yung was born in Shanghai in 1940. During the Japanese occupation, her family lived in the French Concession of the city between Soochow and Siccawei Creeks. Dorothy Yung recalls the chaos of the war and how it caused her family to move from place to place by train, but what seems to have made the most lasting impression on her is the memory of isolation. The foundation of the painter’s approach to her modern works was formed during the early period of her art education when she was exposed to the rigid conventions of classical Chinese painting. These conventions integrated theories of classical literature, philosophy of form, and spiritual notions. Dorothy Yung’s work expresses her responses to her varied cultural background. Born into a prosperous Shanghai family that fled to Brazil after the establishment of Communist China, she settled in the U.S. after attending an American college.

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