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Elias Jozsa

by on February 22, 2016

Elias Jozsa, Hungarian artist(b. 1932).

Elias Jozsa was born in Hungary in 1932.  Upon graduating from High School, Jozsa continued his education at the Academy of Applied Arts from which he graduated in 1954.  At that time, Jozsa worked for theaters as a costume designer, and also painted various period textiles for movies.

When introduced to Hungarian artists Miklos and Laszlo Neogrady, Jozsa was invited to study with these artists in their studio.  Although both Miklos and Neogrady were superb landscape artists, Jozsa found himself leaning towards painting the baroque flower painting and antique still lifes.

“I love to paint draperies, laces, the play of light, flowers, the attractive style which I inherited from the theater period of my life.”

From the 1970’s Jozsa primarily worked for galleries outside of Hungary, in the United States, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, France, Italy and Sweden.

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