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Georges Spiro

by on September 18, 2013

Georges Spiro was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1909, moved to Nice, France in 1942, died in 1994.

Georges Spiro was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1909 and moved to Nice, France in 1942.  By the end of WWII, Spiro signed up with the French Army and later became a French citizen.  In 1946, after his wife dies in a concentration camp, Spiro exhibited a dozen of his works in London, England.  This successful show prompted Spiro to devote his life to art-making.  In 1948, he exhibited in France for the first time where he received the ‘Young Artist Award’. He later showed in Bern, Germany and Cannes, France before traveling to the United States to exhibit art in 1950. Spiro’s wonderfully dream-like imagery belies strong surrealist influences.  The self-taught painter was fond of delivery his viewers to fantastical, other-worldly settings. Spiro died in 1994.

Paintings for sale in Arnot Gallery Collection Circa 1960.

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