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Giuseppe Giorgi

by on May 11, 2016

Giuseppe Giorgi, Italian Impressionist born in 1950, Bourbon Italy.

Giuseppe Giorgi was born in 1950 in Bourbon, a small town in the Apennine of Rieti in 1954. His family moved to Rome.

During his high school years Sextilius Piccari, a teacher of drawing and sculptor, and Franco Verroca, who introduced him to the study of the figure and the knowledge of materials and plastic techniques, were of great influence on Giorgi. From 1969 through 1974 Giorgi studied architecture.

In 1969 Giuseppe Giorgi exhibited in various galleries in Rome along with other artists in a “Collective” group, works that deal with social and political. In 1970, one of his paintings was awarded a prize by the city of Monterotondo. In 1973 he was awarded the same prize for another of his paintings titled ‘Meeting’.

1971 Personal Exhibition at the Journalists Club and Studio 45.
1973 Personal Exhibition at the Gallery / Library Signorelli.
1974 Personal Exhibition at the Gallery of Four Rivers, and published a book by Franco Miele.
1975 Joined the National Quadrennial art entered in the “New Figuration” with the paintings ‘Occupation’ and ‘Two Women’. In a review of the Quadrennial in the journal “New Anthology”, Ugo Moretti wrote about the exhibition.
1979 Giorgi went on a study trip to Paris, where he admired the works of the great masters of Impressionism and began to paint with the’ Tribute to Monet ‘,’ water Lilies’ and ‘Reflections on the water’. Some of these works, along with others representing melancholy children with elements of clear floral, weree featured at exhibition Art Expo in New York in 1981. On that occasion, the Galleria dei Greci published a book by Cesare Vivaldi, which found in Giorgi’s painting a clearly Italian tradition … in Fattori and Macchiaioli along with a European influence … of Steinlen or the Liberty masters.

In the 1980’s Giorgi had increased exhibition activity: personal exhibitions in galleries in Catania, Bolzano, Siena, Merano and Florence; an exhibition that moved from Dusseldorf to Basel; as well as Expo Arte in Bari.
In 1983/1984 he had exhibitions at the Pinacoteca Gallery in Rome.
1985 to 1987 a Greek Gallery organized a personal exhibition in Cremona, Bergamo, Catania with an exhibition “from the Garden”, where the first appearances greenhouses, classical buildings, Venetian villas, subjects immersed in impalpable and atmospheres.
The city of Taranto invited him to present his own personal part of an exhibition “Artists in Via Cava”.

The book “Giuseppe Giorgi. Works 1986 -1988 “, was published by the Greeks Gallery in 1989.

In 1989 he had an exhibition held by Mitsukoschi in Tokyo beginning a relationship with Japan through the Sanbi Galerie.
1989 he was awarded the Prize of the Fairies of Arrone City.
1990 the Gallery the Greeks in collaboration with the Municipality of the City of Ascoli Piceno, for a solo exhibition of ancient Mercatori room of the Town hall.

1994 in Palazzo Cipollini and by a catalog produced with the assistance of the City and Provincial Administration. The artist in the interpretation of the places and the most attractive villages atmosphere, accentuates chromatic elements and the spatial dimensions of the paintings, getting intense and expressive image, more pictorial than realistic.

2000 the book “Giuseppe Giorgi. Works 1998-2000 “, by Luciano Arcangeli. The mix of architecture and landscape and the means for the pictorial are described as follows: on the structure often strictly orthogonal to the architectural backgrounds (metal framework of a greenhouse, tables with doors and windows, walls or railings) it has softening and sometimes by removal geometric values ​​and giving a continuous chromatic vibration. This happens through a great technique levity, which has the foundation in tempera and pastel, and that even when adopting a different medium from the latter, manages to keep the effects of weightlessness.

A meeting between the painting of Giorgi and the poetry of Alfredo Martini is the theme of the last catalog which closes with verses for Greenhouse in Copenhagen (2004): “… a quick look attracted by the colors: transparent filtered … the irresistible desire to knock on the glass …. ”


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