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Heinz Munnich

by on March 30, 2015

Heinz Munnich, German deceased (Germany 1921 – 1977).

Heinz Munnich was born in 1921 in Chemnitz, Germany.  The father of Heinz Munnich was also an artist and his early instructor. Heinz Munnich originally became a commercial artist.  He later graduated from the University of Arts in Hanover, and in 1944 he became a free lance artist. Heinz Munnich traveled widely and studied with Professors Beck and Torrak.  He also spent time in Luxembourg at the Fischbach Castle. Heinz Munnich died in 1977.  The available collection was purchased from Heinz Munnich from early 1960’s through 1970’s.

Below find a photograph taken of the artist in May of 1971 by Herbert Arnot when visiting Heinz Munnich in a small town outside of Munich, Germany.

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