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Jacques Lalande

by on May 16, 2013

Born in Chateaurenard, Provence in the South of France, in 1921. Deceased.

Jacques Lalande Biography

JACQUES Lalande, born at Chateaurenard in Provence, in the South of France, in 1921, studied at the Beaux Arts of Montpellier and then, in 1946 and 1947, at Beaux Arts in Paris and the Atelier Souverbie.

He has had several one-man shows: in Paris at Galerie des Saussaies in 1952, and at the Galeries Bussiere in 1959. In 1971 at the Salon des Artistes Francais, his work was awarded an honorable mention. His canvases were chosen for the group exhibitions in Lyon in 1950 at the Galerie Contraste and in Toulouse in 1954 at the Galerie Charpentier.

Lalande’s paintings have been exhibited in many American galleries and form parts of important collections in Europe and the United States.

Arnot Gallery in New York represented the original oil paintings as well as paintings on paper by Jacques Lalande since the 1960’s.

JACQUES LALANDE – The Story Teller

The charming French style of Lalande captures the imagination of the viewer. He tells a story of life as he sees it through his paintings.

Gentle and graceful ballerinas bubble with excitement as they dance. Lalande’s sensitivity in capturing a mother’s love for her child is beautifully portrayed in his “Mother and Child” theme.

The wistfulness of children is portrayed in his paintings, whether they are musicians, dancers or simply cavorting on the beach. The thrilling mystique of the masked dancers at a Venetian ball shows Lalande’s elusive images of love and grandeur. A simply act of hanging laundry to dry turns into a romantic scene.

Dreamlike reflections of the refreshing French ladies at the seaside makes one feel part of Jacques Lalande’s fantasies and vision. His great love for music is delightfully reflected in his well-known “Musician” theme. It is his fantastic imagination and limitless subject matter, which makes Jacques Lalande a great artist.

Jacques Lalande was a very flamboyant and excentric personality with five children, one being the famous race driver, Patrick Lalande.  His house had many cats wandering throughout the home and garden.  When visiting Jacques in France he had different colored hair on each visit.

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