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Jaime de Jaraíz

by on February 4, 2016

Jaime de Jaraíz, deceased Spanish artist ( 1934 – 2007 ).

Jaime de Jaraíz was born, Jaraíz de la Vera Cáceres,  on April 23, 1934 in Cáceres, Spain. As a young boy Jaime showed interest in drawing the people who surrounded him and were part of his daily life. In 1950, Jaime de Jaraíz won the First Prize in the “First Painting Contest” organized by the Bank of Plasencia. Two years later a religious work was commissioned for the Church of San Miguel. The success achieved in San MIguel was so well acclaimed that the mayor awarded a scholarship to Jaime de Jaraíz which allowed him to travel to the Spanish capital in Madrid Spain, and to apply for entrance to School of Art of San Fernando.  During his stay in Madrid, between 1953 and 1958, he painted in classes along side Manuel Alcorto, Alfredo Alcain, Antonio Zarco, Isabel Billiards, Vicente Candle and Santiago Morato.

In 1959 he travelled to Paris. It was at that time that he legally changed his name to Jaime de Jaraíz. In 1963 he had a successful exhibition in Madrid, Spain followed by an exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1966 he had exhibitions in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa. He then had exhibitions in the USA starting in New York in 1968, followed by exhibitions in Dallas and Los Angeles.  His International exhibitions continued throughout his successful painting career as an artist. Jaime was in charge of the Delegation Cácerena. He was also was honored to inaugurate the Exhibition Hall ‘the Brocense’ of the Delegation of Cáceres.  In 1983 he was honored at the Real Academy as well as the Arts of Extremadura.  This was followed in 1984 through 1992 with the frontier delegations, the Assembly of Extremadura, the Foundation European Academy of Yuste, the Real Monastery of Ntra., Frontier Pavillion of Universal Exhibition of Seville of year 1992.  In 2005, a retrospective of his paintings was organized in the Museum of Beaux Arts by the Delegation of Badajoz.  At the age of 73, in 2007, Jaime de Jaraíz passed away in Madrid, Spain.

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