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Jan Prochazka

by on May 23, 2013

Jan Prochazka, son of Josef Prochazka. Born: Prague, Czechoslovakia: 1957.

Jan Prochazka Biography

Jan Prochazka is the son of acclaimed deceased artist Josef Prochazka (1907-1989). Today, Jan, an artist in his own right is recognized for his excellent landscape portraits.

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1957. Under the direct tutelage of his father, Josef, Jan developed his natural talent as an artist, which was quickly recognized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, who encouraged his artistic ability to capture the beauty of the Czechoslovakian landscape on canvas.

Jan Prochazka continues the heritage of his father through his oil painting depictions of the beauty of today’s Czechoslovakian landscape. Upon the death of his father, Jan painted a portrait of the cemetery (seen above) where his father was laid to rest in memory and appreciation of the representation of his father’s paintings by Arnot Gallery. This painting was presented to Herbert Arnot in 1985.

The paintings by Jan Prochazka, like his father’s paintings, have been collected and appreciated for their integrity by art collectors throughout the United States and Europe. Arnot Gallery was the official USA representative for Joseph Prochazka during his life, and represented Jan in the USA as well.


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