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Jean-Pierre Serrier

by on August 20, 2018

Jean-Pierre Serrier, Surrealist, French deceased.  (1934 – 1989).

Jean-Pierre Serrier was born in Paris France in the district of Montparnasse, on October 18, 1934.

In 1951 he attended the School of Applied Arts in the city of Paris.

Graduated in 1955, he exhibited for the first time in a gallery in Saint Paul de Vence.

In Algeria from 1956 to 1958 for military obligation, he executed many drawings on the theme of war.

In 1958, back in Paris he met the publisher Pierre Seghers, who bought some of his works of Algeria, and commissioned 30 drawings to illustrate his poems (published in 1959).

In 1961, he went to the United States for the first time. exhibited with Boudin and Kisling Norval Gallery, 57th Street in New York. Portraits orders extended his stay in New York.
In 1962 Jean-Pierre Serrier sold his paintings to Arnot Gallery on 57thStreet.

In May 1962, the Beaux-arts bought a painting on behalf of the City of Paris.

In 1963, he went to Italy, returning strongly impressed by the characters of the “Commedia dell’arte”. Mr. and Mrs. Garbisch-Chrysler purchased several paintings and commissioned their portrait.

In 1965, he participated in a major group exhibition at “The Frost Years Reed Gallery” in London.

In 1967, he meets Roger Ferrero of Geneva, who directed him in a new way.

In 1968-1969, he exhibited in Geneva in Roger Ferrero’s gallery.

In 1970, he exhibited his paintings in Brussels, Gallery “acute angle”.

In 1971 “first major exhibition” in Geneva.

Arnold Kohler, art critic known for the quality of his judgment considers it as “The inventor of a worrying humanity with closed eyes, SERRIER paints with the meticulousness of the primitives and often their candor”

In 1972 and 1973, he exhibited “To Painters Witnesses Of Their Time”, with mostly contemporary artists.

In December 1972, he was represented at an exhibition on fantastic art in Basel, Switzerland. He was the only French artist in the company of painters from the Vienna School, such as Dr. Fuch, Krejear, and Korab.

The same year he exhibited a canvas at the Salon d’Automne in Paris. Selected by a delegation of the Polish State for exhibition in Warsaw at the “Zachetta Palace”, and named Associate of the Salon d’Automne. In 1973, he was invited to Warsaw for an official visit and the opening of the exhibition. Other French painters represented included Gauguin, Utrillo, Cézanne and Buffet.

On his return, Kurt E. Schon from New Orleans, asked him to participate in a major exhibition tour in the United States. His paintings were published in magazines such as The Times and Newsweek.

In 1976, he was elected jury member of the Salon d’Automne in Paris.

In 1977 a book was dedicated to his painting: “Surealism and the absurb”

In 1979, he participated in a major exhibition of European painters at “The Kurt Schon Gallery” in New Orleans.

In 1984, the Kurt Schon Gallery organized a major summer exhibition devoted to his painting.

In 1986 a retrospective was organized in New York.
Jean-Pierre Serrier died in France in 1989.

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