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John J. Stancin

by on February 1, 2018

John J. Stancin, deceased American Surrealist (1916-1988).

John Jim Stancin was an American artist born in 1916.  John J. Stancin was born in American but went to Europe at the young age of twelve with his family.  When he decided to become an artist he went to Paris, France where he met LeCoque and began his painting career sketching the streets of Paris.  Stancin encountered poverty and loneliness as he travelled and painted throughout Europe.  Upon returning to the USA Stancin studied at both the Chicago Art Institute as well as in New York City.  His studies were interrupted by WWII and he served in the armed forces taking him back to Europe.  After WWII Stancin moved to Los Angeles, California where he started his own gallery.  Stancin also stated that he was the director of the American Academy of Art in Los Angeles. As a surrealist, Stancin’s work was meant to be thought provoking combinations of dreams and reality taking the viewer’s self out of reality into a world of fantasy with scenes which appeared in his own mind. It was common to find a lone man in a red water on a deserted road. Stancin said that his paintings were in the private offices of Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey.  Stancin had moved at one point to Lahina, Maui in Hawaii where he had a gallery and lived until he died in 1988.

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