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Mario Irace

by on November 25, 2015

Mario Irace was born in Italy in 1951.

Mario Irace was born in Italy in 1951.  He completed his artistic studies at the Liceo Artistico, where he studied ‘plein air’ painting.  Above paintings available for purchase.

1974 – Convento Cappuccini

1975 – Galleria “L. Giordano” La Trivella
1976 – Sedil Dominova Arte e Poesia del nostro tempo
1977 – L’Arte in cornice Documenti dell’Arte Italiana Oggi
1978 – Galleria “L. Giordano” Rinascita Letteraria
1979 – Galleria “Dei Mille” II Mattino
1982 – Galleria “Leonardo Da Vinci” La Notte
1983 – Galleria “Maison des Tableaux” II Giorno
1983 – Circolo  “ Italica’’ II Giornale di Milano
1984 – Circolo  “L’Approdo”, S. Agnello La Repubblica
1985 – Galleria “Arteteka” La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno
1986 – Galleria “Arteteka” Rai 3 Regione
1986 – Circolo “L’Approdo” COMED ed. ‘96
1987 – Galleria “Italica” Calendario Mannesmann Demag S.p.A.
1988 – Galleria “Michelangelo”
1989 – Washington “Art Show”, New York
1989 – Elios Gallery Reston
1989 – Katepyna Galleri
1990 – Palais des Art
1991 – Circolo  A. Diaz
1995 – Galaleria “Italica”

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