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Maurille Prevost

by on August 7, 2013

Maurille Prevost (born in Paris, France – 1929) 

Maurille Prevost (born in Paris, 1929) studied at l’École des Beaux Arts. Having received her degree, the artist started painting the old streets of Paris and developed her own distinctive style. Although she pursued a classical study of painting, she was greatly intrigued by the use of bright color. Her interpretation of the Impressionist school has led her to create a unique style that uses vivid colors. It is with sensitivity  that Maurille Prevost paints her city scenes. Her paintings seem to dance as she manipulates the spectrum of color and light.

Maurille Prevost has had her work exhibited in Italy, Japan, Tunisia, Thailand, New York, Washington D.C., LA, Vienna, and London. Maurille Prevost is no longer actively painting, but Arnot Gallery continues to feature her best work in the Arnot Gallery collection.

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