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Max Daniel-Girard

by on February 9, 2016

Daniel-Girard, French artist (1890 – 1970)

Max Daniel-Girard / Délian was a painter, illustrator and writer born on March 9th, 1890 in Paris, France.  He had ‘nicknames’ of Daniel Girard, Max Delian and Dagy.  Girard died in 1970.
List of Illustrated Books:
The narrow door of André Gide, Paris, Cyral 1925
The muse cabaret Raoul Ponchon, Paris, Cyral 1925
Letters from my Mill of Alphonse Daudet, Paris, Cyral 1926
The pleasure of Henri de Regnier, Paris, Cyral 1926
The Red and the Black by Stendhal, Paris, Cyral 1927
L’escapade Henri de Regnier, Paris, Cyral 1927
Tartarin by Alphonse Daudet, Paris, Cyral 1927
Mr. Lourdines of Alphonse de Chateaubriant, Paris, Cyral 1928
Icelandic fishermen of Pierre Loti, Paris, Cyral 1928
Tales of Jean de La Fontaine, Paris, Cyral 1929
Tartarin on the Alps Alphonse Daudet, Paris, Cyral 1929
Three Tales from Gustave Flaubert, Paris, Cyral 1929
The sinner of Henri de Regnier, Paris, Cyral, 1930
The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Gustave Flaubert, Paris, Cyral, 1930
The adventures of King Pausole of Pierre Louys, Paris, Cyral 1931
The Novels and Tales of Voltaire, Paris, Cyral 1931
The Knights of the Round Table, Paris, technical publications, 1946, coll. “Immortal Legends”
Le Parc aux Biches Pierre of Anniel (pseud.), The Cabinet of the Book (John Strong) 1931
Confidences lost Liane Lauré (pseud.), Jean Fort, Collection White Nettles 1932
Secret life of a dandy of Peter of Anniel, At Cabinet Paper (John Fort), 1933
Clotilde and some other John Claqueret (pseud.), Jean Fort, Collection White Nettles 1935
La Petite Fadette by George Sand, Paris, Ferroud 1938
The Knights of the Round Table, Paris, Technical Publications, 1946
Tales of a beer drinker Ch. Deulin, Paris, Hatier-Boivin, 1956

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