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by on September 7, 2016

OSAMU YAMAZAKI. 修山崎.  Japanese painter residing in France, born in Tokyo, Japan in 1941.

OSAMU YAMAZAKI. 修山崎. (Tokyo 1941).  Japanese painter from l’École de Paris •.
1941. Born in Tokyo, Japan.



Studied at the School of Arts of Asakura with director and great Japanese sculptor Fumio Asakura


Admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome


Worked as assistant to Professor of fine arts and great sculptor of the Vatican, Pericle Fazzini


Acquisition of paintings by Bridgestone Corporation (Japan)


Moved to Paris

Group exhibitions at the Salon d’Automne, the Salon des Societies Salon des Artistes Independants and Salon National des Beaux Arts, Paris


2nd Prize (silver medal) at the 24th Grand Prix of the Riviera, Grasse (France)

1st Prize (gold medal) from the tourism office at the 2nd Grand Prix of Mountain Painters, Val d’Isere (France)

1st Prize (gold cup) at the Salon summerly Côte d’Azur, France


Became member of the Paris Autumn Salon

2nd Prize (with honors) at the International Exhibition of Paris-Sud


1st Prize (gold medal) at the Salon of French Artists, Paris


Lucerne Art Fair (Switzerland) with acquisition of paintings by the Yugoslav government


Painting public on display at the 9th Salon Artists Collective of Montmartre (under the patronage of deputy-mayor Alain Juppé), Paris

Acquisition of paintings by the Mayor of Paris

Since 1994

Solo exhibitions (once a year) at Bungei Shunju-Gallery (Ginza), Tokyo


Acquisition of paintings by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)


Great exhibition “Japanese Painters from Paris: Akira Tanaka & Osamu Yamazaki” at the Salon d’Automne in Paris (Champs Elysees)


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