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Otto Hellmeier

by on August 23, 2016

Otto Hellmeier deceased German Impressionist (1908 – 1996).

Otto Hellmeier was born in Weilheim, Germany in 1908. After completing high school, he started to study engineering. Painting and music had become his devotion, but engineering was soon put aside for painting. He studied at the Munich Conservatory and after the completion of his studies, he was soon in demand as a instrumentalist in orchestras, and was introduced on the Bavarian Radio broadcasts as a soloist. Otto Hellmeier had two lovers, his music and his painting.  Otto lead a modest and frugal life which benefited his art. His hard work and his great talent in painting brought him great success. Otto left his estate for the purpose of building the Culture House in Raisting, Germany. His struggle for truth and beauty of artistic expression earned him high recognition. Otto’s subject matter as an artist ranged from the Bavarian Alps to the Riviera. Gray-white snow-cover in the moorlands around the Ammersee Lake as well as through banks of clouds in front of blue sky wall. Its richness in designs captured the landscapes he painted. Painting fascinated him even more than music, and he decided not to act as a self-taught artist, but rather sought instruction under famous teachers such as Carl Otto Müller and Professor Wilhelm Funk. Otto decided to travel to other European countries including Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France which brought his longing for travel to rest. Otto Hellmeier had a long-standing membership in the Royal Bavarian Künstlergenossenschaft of 1868. His painting was moved to the forefront because of the demand from both Germany and abroad. An easel, canvas and colors accompanied him even in the Bürgerheim town of Weilheim, where he had spent his last months before his death in December 1996.

The memory of Otto Hellmeier from the Fuenfseenland will linger for many years.  In 1991 the Foundation Otto Hellmeier was launched to convey the pleasure of his unique paintings, and to contributes to cancer research in the Upper Bavarian region of Germany.


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