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Peter van Berkel

by on October 9, 2013

Peter van Berkel, born August 20, 1956 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Peter van Berkel born on 20 August 1956 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Peter’s favorite painting subjects have been determined by his love of the French landscape.He has travelled to many places in France, always with his easle or just a simple sketchbook at hand.His wife Elly and their two children, Cheyenne and Sheila, accompanied him on his travels through Provence and NormandyHe also worked in Etretat, following in the footsteps of the French Impressionists. He travelled to other countries inSouthern Europe too. His canvases evoke in his spectators a sense of recognition. The French landscape in all its aspects,that is what inspires him and will keep inspiring him. Very conspicuous are the ever present flowers in his work.Fields full of lavender, poppies and sunflowers. Peter is the half brother of Jan Hovener.


1979 City hall Goes

1981 De Zaete Yerseke

1982 City hall Goes

1985 Art gallery Mat Goes

1986 City hall Goes

1988 Art fair Frankfurt

1989 Goes, Art Expo New York

1990 Art Expo New York; Art Fair Frankfurt München

1991 Traveling exihibition, Japan

1992 Art Expo New York-Chicago

1993 Art Fair Frankfurt

1994 Art Fair Frankfurt, New York

1995 De Hefbrug, Rotterdam.

1997 Gallery A. de Vin, Heusden

1995 until 2000 Various exihibitions in art fairs in New York, Frankfurt and Florence

2003 Reopening exposition gallery Breunesse, Zeist.

2005 Exposition Castle Beverweert, Beverweert.

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