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by on August 7, 2013

RAFFANDRE was born in the Venetian hinterland in 1945.

RAFFANDRE was born in the Venetian hinterland in 1945.  His father, who was French, had a great influence on Raffandre in the arts.  Raffandre attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with his father’s encouragement. His particular aptitude for painting allowed him to learn over a fairly brief period of time, the techniques of drawing and of painting in watercolor before progressing definitely to oil painting.  He later moved to Paris, France where he was able to study the works of the Impressionists, which were nearer his volatile character and his love of sun inspired colors.  Raffandre was able to stay in Paris for several years having a very strong influence on his painting and technique.   When Raffandre returned to Italy the combination of French and Italian styles made his paintings unique as he painted Tuscany with a combination of French and Italian influences.

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