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Richard Wood

by on July 10, 2017

Richard Wood, British artist born in 1950.

Richard Wood was born in London, England in 1950. From early childhood he showed an unusual flair for painting and drawing. Richard excelled at all art subjects at school. After leaving school he commenced training as a textile designer. In 1974 a chance meeting with John Miller (1931-2002), a well-established painter, encouraged him to take up painting professionally as a full time artist. Initially, Richard worked from his studio in Lancashire, England. Richard Wood has relocated his studio to Southern Spain. His paintings are representational in a traditional classic style. The landscapes and architectural subjects are carefully presented with precision and subtle brushwork, in true colors. Richard’s success has enabled him to travel extensively in Europe, Egypt, India, China, Cambodia and Australia.
Richard Wood’s quote:

“Having painted professionally for over 40 years I like to think that I can master the ever changing elements of light and shade. I believe my paintings are images that develops our understanding of the subject, which is often unseen by those people it surrounds. My inspiration focuses the attention to nature, the landscape and architectural details, the very subjects that surround us”.

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