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Spartaco Lombardo

by on March 21, 2014

Spartaco Lombardo was born in Luino Italy on March 26, 1958.

Spartaco Lombardo was born in Luino, Italy by the Lake Maggiore on March 26, 1958.  A modern figurative painting, he has displayed his works in personal and collective exhibition in Italy and abroad.  Spartaco began his career as an artist in 1981. He has entered many national and international contests.

‘Artist, who has mastery command of the color drawing, Spartaco Lombardo needs, however, to create a figurative scheme that starts from the sign, an outline sometimes functional to centre and to concentrate the tale, in which some symbolic elements clearly coexist.  He can combine the representative moment with the purely real part with remarkable balance.

So the drawing is for the artists a sort of stake used to close and contain its own explosive imagination.  Paolo Levi.

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