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Vladimir Lobanov

by on April 7, 2015

Vladimir Lobanov born in 1958, in the city of Kuznetsk.

Vladimir Lobanov born in 1958, in the city of Kuznetsk.

Graphic artist, designer, member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1993, member of the Union of Designers of Russian since 2002. Main fields of art are landscapes, still life, book design and graphic design. Born in 1958, in the city of Kuznetsk. Graduated Penza Art College named after Savitsky (1973-1977), Kharkov Art and Industry Institute (1981 – 1986).

In 1986 Vladimir lived and worked in Karelia. He was the City Chief Designer at Petrozavodsk City Administration and gave lectures at the design department of the Petrozavodsk branch of International Slavic Institute (Moscow). Member of an international artists group ART CONTAKT since 1994.

Vladimir has become established as one of the notable figures of Europe’s avant-guard painting genre. He was born and raised in the Ukraine, and matriculated at the Lvov Institute of Fine Arts, where his inborn talent commenced its emergence.

When he arrived in the United States in 1992, Mr. Lobanov rapidly began to draw accolades for his creativity in varied art formulations. His work in atypical fields such as oil on canvas, acrylic paintings, watercolors, frescos, mosaics, decorative ceramics, stained glass, murals and monumental sculptures enhanced his growing reputation and distinction in the fine arts world. The artist is of the firm opinion that when he moves from one media to another, it enriches and strengthens his work performance and increases his ability to reach an appreciative and comprehending viewer.

His visionary window is unobstructed and he maintains an open attitude towards the introduction of new forms and surfaces and diversified techniques into his scope of activity. No one mood prevails in his work realm.

In a thought provoking interview, Mr. Lobanov revealed his innermost philosophy – that a painting should not only involve forms, colors and textures, it should also reflect intuition and hidden influences on our emotional sphere. This is the moment of artistic revelation when invisible objects becomes as clear as the tinkling of a fine bell.

Mr. Lobanov has devoted much time to the expansion and embellishment of his techniques, and his favorite media remains painting in oil on canvas. As he becomes involved in a particular work, it comes alive to him and assumes a personality, portrayal and vision of its very own. Mr. Lobanov avows that: ”When I am in the process of painting, I have a perception that the painting has a life of its own”.
This artist’s work can be found in many private collections throughout the world, and appeared in numerous exhibitions.  His biography appears in the “Who’s Who” book of the Ukrainian Encyclopedia of Fine Arts.

Solo Exhibitions:

1989                      Hatachan Gallery (Jerusalem, Israel)

1988                      Sachenta Gallery (Warsaw, Poland)

1980                      Slovak-Russian Friendship Society (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1994                      Purygin Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

1994-1995            Jacob Javits Center Art Expo (New York, USA)

1957-1987            All Ukrainian Exhibition of Fine Arts Kiev, Lvov (Ukraine)

1965 & 1985         Exhibitions in Menage Hall (Moscow, Russia)

Paintings by Vladimir Lobanov in the Arnot Gallery collection are available for purchase.

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